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Shop regulation

“CalzatureW53” is an online shop that sells shoes directly from the manufacturer and available on the domain

I. General provisions

1 ° The “W53” footwear brand is made to order by the customer in an Italian factory in Monte San Giusto (MC) and the distribution and sale carry the “CalzatureW53” online store, which is exclusive.

1 ° Shipments of items ordered in the “CalzatureW53” online shop are made in Italy and in most European Union countries.

2 ° The prices in the online shop are expressed in Euros and include VAT (VAT).

3 ° Orders can be made:

through the website (24h) available on the domain

– writing e-mail:

– by telephone (Monday to Thursday from 8.00 to 18.00) to:

0039 3457842100 (WhatsApp)

4 ° The online shop’s acceptance of every order placed is confirmed by e-mail from the online shop’s customer service.

5 ° The price on the binding product for the parts of the transaction is the moment when the customer places the order.

6 ° All products in the “CalzatureW53” online shop are new and free of physical and legal defects.

7 ° If the Seller cannot process the order due to the fact that the goods are not immediately available, but within and no later than 3 working days from the conclusion of the order, they will notify the Buyer and return the entire sum of money. received by him. The seller can propose an extension of the delivery period, to which the buyer can agree. The buyer can withdraw from the purchase.

II. Time and form of order processing

  1. The shoes in the “CalzatureW53” online shop are made to order by individual customers and sent by courier or postal service
  2. Average delivery time for shoes ordered from 15 to 20 working days
  3. Taxes included. The SHIPPING calculated at the time of payment.

III. Payment method

1 ° Directly by bank transfer to the specified bank account.

IV. Returns and exchanges of shoes

1 ° The customer can exchange the ordered goods in case of:

A ° Dimension incorrectly selected. (the customer bears all shipping costs)

B ° Visible defects, errors or damage caused in the production process covered by the warranty (the customer does not bear any shipping costs – Money will be refunded to the Buyer on the same account from which the order was paid).

2 ° The return (replacement) above is allowed only for unchanged (unused) goods in the original packaging. The goods must be properly protected and packed. The customer is responsible for reducing the value of the item following use in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item.

3 ° The goods must be returned immediately, no later than 14 days.

Please send the returned goods to the following address:

Wojciech Szybieniecki Vel Szybiński

“CalzatureW53” (Customer service)

Via Umberto Lucentini 26

62029 Tolentino (MC)



We kindly ask our customers to notify us via email:
or contact us by phone
(telephone number: +39 3457842100 IT)
to organize the details of the return.


Happy shopping