Who we are

The Marche region in Italy is a world-renowned footwear basin.

In the fifties of the last century, a small family business was founded, which began to sew leather shoes by hand. From the beginning, he had great potential on the market and sought customers with particular care. The good situation and positive investments contributed to the rapid development of the company and in 1968 the “UNDER 18” brand was created, which in the following years conquered the Italian market.

A turning point in the development of the company was the extension of the offer with unusual sizes, up to number 53 for men and up to number 46 for women, and taking the name “WORLAND” large shoes from Monte San Giusto go in different stores across the country.

In the nineties, like few others, we were able to satisfy the demand for shoes with LARGE NUMBERS, handmade with traditional artisanal methods, handed down from generation to generation, our shoes have found recognition and respect among customers.

In 2015 the company obtained the 100% Made in Italy quality mark,

which guarantees the manufacturer of the highest quality footwear.

Today we focus on the highest quality and we make every single order, offering the recipient the opportunity to choose the type and color of the leather in sizes up to number 53 for men and up to number 47 for women. The specially selected natural leathers are resistant and quality and the shoes perfectly matched to the foot guarantee comfort.

Over 65 years of experience allow us to create projects tailored to all expectations.

We create unique models following the current world fashion trends.


The new “W53” line

Our motto: “from producer to customer”

Our online shop offers a large selection of high quality leather shoes available in the sizes BIG NUMBERS

We customize each pair of shoes according to the wishes and ideas of our client who can choose the type and color of the leather.